I am officially ZALFIE EXHAUSTED… If that’s even possible.

Let’s get real for a minute.  What more do we need from Zoe+Alfie?  And I mean that in NO disrespect.  It’s actually a weird version of a compliment.  I mean, we have been given everything.  Let’s make a list shall we:

Jim’s Outing, Zoe’s “Zalfie Post”, main channel videos, vlogs for days, Vlogmas, Insta posts, twitter pics and adorable conversations, Alfie’s gaming channel (SIMS), Zoe moving to Brighton, holidays to Greece, they’re getting a PUG together, a REAL KISS ON CAMERA (thank you Jonathan), gifs that will burst your heart, pictures that will STOP it, Vidcons’, SITC’s, Playlist Lives’, etc. 

The only thing. I repeat, ONLY THING that could top all of this, is marriage.  And we clearly know that’s bound to happen eventually… ;)  We have— completely conquered and overcome this ship. Like it’s passed the point of being sailed. Let’s be honest, the ship of Zalfie has resorted to an island in paradise. There’s nothing really left to do but wait for a ring, don’t deny it:)

At this point, for me, with every video of them that comes out, every picture, selfie, tweet, I become numb.  Because all of my biggest hopes and DREAMS with these two have already come true.  At the start, I just wanted them to DATE. THAT’S ALL I WANTED.  I never knew we’d find ourselves where we are right now.  

Anyways, sorry for that rant.  I just— with all these photos in Greece, there’s only so much my heart can take, ya know? If you want, you can message me at any time and tell me… whatever you want to tell me regarding Zalfie. I just.